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There are many factors to goes into the price of rental. This is why we don't have prices on our site. Prices are always changing and we don't want to confuse you when your trying to book your reservation. It is best to give us a call or send us an email. If you include your name, phone number, date of service, number of passengers, pick up/drop off locations, and the time of the service, we will be able to give you the hourly rate.

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Our rates per hour are affordable.

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Visit whatever you want in our coach.

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Our service is the best in the state.

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Some tips to save money would be to be very concious of when you want your reservation. Our busiest time of the year is from late April to September. That is when our prices are at its peak. If you wait to after September, that will save you some money. Next, weekends are more than weekdays, with Saturdays and Fridays at the top of the price peak. So if you are looking to save some money, the day and time of your reservation is where you can save the most money. Along with the size of your vehicle. Book a bus that will hold your size party with enough room.

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